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As a result of our focus on selected industries we have the required technical and sector-specific expertise to make your project a success. We have an excellent network of experts in these industries and are able to evaluate complex and sensitive issues quickly. Together with our team we have delivered hundreds of diverse and difficult projects.

Automotive & Mobilität

Automotive and mobility

Global megatrends such as population growth, urbanisation and environmental problems require new mobility concepts. Serious traffic congestion and a shortage of parking places are a part of day-to-day life in our major cities. Owning one’s own car has long ceased to be a status symbol, especially for young, urban individuals. Rising comfort, safety and environmental requirements are having a significant effect on vehicle development and the motor vehicle industry. The automotive industry has been successfully responding to these trends for many years with a range of innovations. Huge advancements have been made, especially in the areas of driverless cars, electric vehicles and digitalisation. These trends will continue to play a role in future.

Our experts support automotive manufacturers and suppliers in evaluating trends and identifying the requirements in terms of materials, components, parts and modules. We also carry out research for mobility and logistics service providers on markets and trends, as well as their effects on the portfolio of services.

We conduct expert discussions with decision-makers at automotive OEMs, associations, and freight forwarders and their drivers.

Key focus areas include
Merger and acquisition support
Product and user experience
Strategic market analyses and volumes
Strategy and business model development  

Bau & Gebäudetechnik

Construction and building technology

The continuing low-interest-rate policies of central banks around the world are supporting healthy levels of growth in the construction industry. Low construction interest rates and a lack of investment alternatives are leading to a readiness to invest in housing construction.
The constantly high staff utilisation rates in the main and ancillary construction trades and the increasing skills shortage offer great opportunities for new products that improve productivity.

The field of technical building systems is characterised by high energy efficiency requirements and rising comfort and safety standards. Smart Homes and the Internet of Things (IoT) still offer enormous development potential. The desire for individuality offers further growth opportunities for creative providers of surfaces, materials and paints.

In this dynamic environment Conversio helps its customers stay on top of things and to identify the trends that will last. To achieve this we conduct qualitative and quantitative interviews with tradespeople, manufacturers, major retailers and homeowners.

The key focus areas globally include
Customer journey and touchpoint 
Customer segmentation and personas 
Price strategy 
Product and user experience 
Strategic market analyses and volumes 
Voice of the customer and brand 

Chemie, Kunststoffe & Umwelt

Chemicals, plastics and environment

The chemicals and plastics industry has been growing constantly for many years. The high number of customer industries along the supply chain, the extensive product portfolio of primary, intermediate and end products, and exposure to highly volatile prices of raw materials make the business model extremely complex. To better meet the challenges of the circular economy we are now monitoring conversion processes in the plastics industry more and more closely.

The Conversio team, which has more than 20 years of experience in the field, supports customers with thorough and reliable market analyses in this environment. One special focus area of our work is the circular economy and we are the first point of contact for the leading European plastics associations and ministries when it comes to surveying and evaluating material flows. Our material flows models for waste volumes, recovery and recycling, and littering enjoy a high degree of acceptance.

Among those who draw on our expertise are plastics manufacturers and processors, whom we advise on matters such as conversion processes to higher recyclate rates. We work methodically with our own models, which are based on expert discussions and secondary data.

Other common project themes include
Advice on waste management and recyclates
Identifying suppliers
Potential analyses for new materials
Surveys of recycling rates at plastic processing and recycling companies
Technology benchmarks

Digitalisierung & IT

Digitalisation and IT

ndustry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Home and digital business models are bringing about the next industrial revolution. For many industrial companies these terms continue to be mere buzzwords, whose meaning and significance are yet to be fully understood. Only a very small number of companies have defined and implemented a comprehensive digital strategy. We can support you with these developments. We draw on our extensive industry expertise and work with you to generate ideas and viable products and services that are needed and desired by your customers. Using our multi-stage analysis and advising methods we first establish the status quo of the market, develop customer journeys, generate new business models and products with you in ideation workshops, and test these in the market.

In the IT industry we support our software and hardware customers by providing analyses of markets, producing future scenarios and developing suitable market entry strategies. To do so, we use qualitative and quantitative survey methods and strategy workshops in a targeted manner.

The key focus areas globally include
Potential analyses for products
Strategy & business model generation 

Elektrotechnik & Elektronik

Electrical engineering and electronics

The growing demand for energy efficiency, automation technology (Industry 4.0) and mechatronics have long supported positive growth in the electrical engineering and electronics industry. This growth is further supported by ever shorter investment and innovation cycles. Conversio helps our customers to understand and evaluate the needs and wishes of end consumers. Our technical experts are able to analyse products and applications in a thorough and differentiated manner. 

To do so, we conduct expert discussions with decision-makers from the industry, associations, and the electrical trade.

Typical focus areas include
Market and country analyses
Potential analyses for products
Trend studies, e.g. Industry 4.0 

Energie & Versorgung

Energy and utilities

The energy transition is dramatically changing the energy and utilities market. Global and regional climate targets are making it necessary to boost the development of renewable energy sources and to reduce the share of fossil fuels. With energy generation using conventional power plant technology now no longer being as lucrative as it once was, the major suppliers require new, profitable business models. Decentralised energy generation and smart grid solutions, renewable energy sources, and the digitalisation of business processes all offer excellent opportunities in this regard.

This is also evident in the huge number of innovative start-ups that are seeking to establish their place in the market with technically outstanding products. These new companies are facing the challenges of aligning their ideas with the needs of the market and developing viable, marketable products.

With our many years of experience and expertise, Conversio supports companies in the energy and utilities sector, focusing on
Generating and testing new business models
Implementation of marketing and communication measures
Support with market entry

Maschinen- & Anlagenbau

Engineering and plant construction

The engineering and plant construction industry is facing major challenges such as faster product life-cycles, higher productivity and efficiency, and growing competition from emerging nations as a result of innovation. Meanwhile, there are major opportunities arising from the digitalisation of process control engineering (Industry 4.0), mechatronics and new materials. Making the right investments in these developments will further support the positive growth of the engineering and plant construction industry in future.

Our engineers analyse and evaluate the opportunities that arise for our clients and advise them about their implementation. Our recommendations are based on a combination of primary and secondary data. With our experience and technical understanding, we hold discussions with industry experts on an equal footing and achieve excellent results.

Common topics include
Merger and acquisition support 
Product and technology
Strategy and business model development 
Strategic market analyses and volumes 

Medizin & Pharma

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Longer life expectancy around the world, the desire for health and attractiveness, and higher expectations of comfort among patients bring with them high innovation potential for the medicine and pharmaceuticals industry. At the same time, stiffer regulation and approval requirements and reduced health-insurance budgets and case-rate payments are leading to growing cost pressure and approval risk. Conversio supports customers from the medical technology and pharma industries with the evaluation and improvement of products and services. Our customers include OEMs, ODMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2. 

As part of this work we conduct qualitative interviews with doctors and experts in the pharma industry. Another approach is the quantitative survey method with hospitals.

Typical focus areas include
Communication and marketing 
Merger and acquisition support 
Product and user experience 
Strategic market analyses and volumes