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Conversio offers a broad spectrum of services and solutions. We always take the task definition as our point of orientation, and we combine the most suitable methods for optimal results. Our toolbox includes:

Circular economy/environmental analyses – product lifecycle management as a future success factor

We are specialists in lifecycle analyses for plastic products and other materials. We place a particular focus on the end of the product lifecycle in terms of the recycling and disposal possibilities.

With our European country studies, we provide all market players in the value chain with important information about the development of suitable recycling concepts available.

Our service portfolio includes:
Application and substitution studies in several demand markets
Potential assessments for new materials, recyclates and recompounds
Market analyses for plastics production, processing and recycling in Germany and Europe
Littering analyses (land and marine littering)
Tracking studies on the use of plastics, e.g. in the fields of packaging, construction, automotive, electrical and electronics, agriculture
Tracking studies on the disposal of old windows and other construction products, e.g. in the field of plastics/PVC and aluminium
Market entry and strategy consulting (e.g. waste management, recyclate)
Conversion strategies/supply chain management

Business models and sales strategies – the right strategy for new growth

Companies wishing to successfully exploit market possibilities have to make use of customised business models. We align these very precisely to your company, always taking into consideration regional and market-specific particularities, and we determine the necessary specifications through market research and analyses. From this we derive concrete action recommendations. We develop sales, communication and business plans with you in creative, strategy and implementation workshops, often using agile methods. 

Some of the other creative tools we use as part of the business model and sales strategy development include:
Business model canvas, milestone planning, road mapping, scoring models
Customer journey/touchpoint analyses
Various workshop methods (brainstorming, 6 hats, mind mapping, etc.).

Communication – the perfect communication strategy for business success

Today, customers have a huge variety of information channels they can use to learn about a company’s products and services, and they expect to be addressed in a way that is geared towards the target group and with an appropriate level of information. A “one size fits all” approach is counterproductive. A detailed understanding of the individual customer groups’ expectations of the preferred channels is a must when developing a successful communication strategy. Working on your behalf, we identify the information-related behaviour of your customers; we develop customer segments that are identifiable and suitable for day-to-day use; and we advise you on the best approach.

To do this we use state-of-the-art methods such as:
Customer journey/touchpoint analyses
Multivariate segmentation and cluster analyses
Competition analyses (strengths/weaknesses)
Advertising effectiveness analyses

Customer satisfaction and brand strength – building trust to grow revenue

Customers are increasingly facing a growing choice of comparable products, shorter lifecycles and new providers. In this environment, complete trust in suppliers is becoming ever more important. A high level of customer satisfaction along the whole customer–supplier relationship cycle strengthens the trust in the supplier and their brand.

Our customer satisfaction and brand analyses help you to optimise your service fulfilment, and to strengthen the bond with your customers. We support and advise you with the development and implementation of concrete measures.

We offer a versatile, modular service optimised for your business model, including:
Various survey approaches (e.g. online, CATI, telephone and face-to-face expert discussions)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods (e.g. Kano, MaxDiff, brand image and brand essence analyses)
Additional modules (e.g. benchmarking, competition and driver analyses, total cost of satisfaction, benefit segmentation, Big Data)
Implementation workshops

Merger & acquisition support – market knowledge for successful M&A

In M&A undertakings, the attractiveness of potential acquisition candidates is often judged within the framework of the due diligence audit on the basis of the information and financial parameters available internally. Analyses of the relevant market environment and future earning power are only rarely carried out. Our market due diligence method supports our successful M&A customers with the market evaluation. We analyse aspects such as market size, competitive environment, growth areas, customer retention and success factors. In addition, we help customers identify interesting M&A candidates. 

To do so, our experienced staff use various methods, including:
Secondary research in company databases and credit agencies
Expert discussions with various market players
Analysis methods (e.g. SWOT, ABC, portfolio)

Price strategy – using pricing to optimise turnover and increase margins

Nothing is as difficult to find as the optimal price for a product or service.

There are always lingering questions:
Are we fully exploiting what customers are prepared to pay?
What effect would a price change have on turnover and profit?
Should I charge cost-based or value-based prices?
What is the true value of the product?

We achieve clarity on pricing issues. We use state-of-the-art processes to determine price thresholds and the prices customers are prepared to pay for products and services. Using market simulations we calculate the price setting that achieves the highest turnover and/or profit in the specific competitive environment. In this, we also take into consideration cannibalisation effects, e.g. when expanding a product line. Using waterfall analyses we can establish a very detailed picture of the effects of the sales price on contribution margin and profitability.

To do this we use:
Conjoint analyses, menu-based choice analyses, the van Westendorp approach
Flexible survey methods such as web-based CATI to reach difficult B2B target groups

Product innovation & product development – new products for successfully tapping into markets

Product development is a never-ending process within companies, one that demands ever-faster adjustments. Successful developments are often quickly copied by the competition, meaning that continuous innovation is required. In some cases, the launch of the same product is successful in some markets and not in others.

We investigate the causes and expectations of successful and/or unsuccessful product launches/developments on your behalf. Working with you, we develop an appropriate market launch strategy and show you further development possibilities for your products. 

To do this, we use qualitative and quantitative methods, e.g.:
MaxDiff, conjoint or driver analyses
Group discussions (offline and online) and product tests
Expert discussions

Strategic market analyses – market expertise for successful company development

Companies keen to successfully position themselves in the market need concrete data and information on market sizes and potentials, on the competition situation and on the key market demands. Our customers rely on Conversio’s unique market and methodological expertise, be that in the context of new product and service launches or as part of an expansion strategy into new markets.

Our analyses include the quantification of relevant markets and the identification of competitors and their positions, and of potential risks and opportunities. In order to determine possible sales and turnover potentials for your company, we incorporate both the current and the future market situation into the analyses. To help you fully exploit these opportunities, we also provide you with a list of concrete suggestions and measures for successful product positioning or on relevant sales structures. A stop-or-go recommendation on the basis of our expertise prevents expensive launches in less promising markets. Furthermore, we safeguard investment decisions and give advice on possible disinvestments. 

In our strategic market studies we often use a mixture of the following methods:
Secondary research, e.g. in company databases
Expert discussions with various market players along the value chain
Analysis methods (e.g. SWOT, ABC, portfolio)
Customer workshops